Consortia is a sales and marketing consulting firm that helps small to mid-sized companies in growth mode sort through the challenges of getting new business.

As your business grows, so too do the hats you wear, the roles you must perform in, and the expectations of the excellent people you hire.  We help business owners better understand the landscape and needs of sales and marketing to get them to the next level in their growth.

We help businesses build a plan for growth and establish a “right sized” sales and marketing program that can be executed by our team or yours. Whether you sell health supplies online, in-home services, or technical data center applications, chances are you are good at it but your expertise maxes out along with your time. You may not have the resources or funding to hire a full-time sales and/or marketing leader to build and execute a plan. Consortia provides fractional sales and marketing leaders that work as part of your executive team to get you that level of experience without the overhead costs.

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Contact us for an opportunity to join our network or to position our services within your established client community.

Our offices:

28085 N Ashley Circle Suite 102
Libertyville, IL 60048
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